Lipstick Haul #1

Hello ma sweetees hahaha no, I’m sorry
Hello everybody,
today I got a ”small” Lipstick Haul for you.

I bought a lot of Lipsticks lately, because I felt like testing out something new. And I thought I could show you what I got in a more or less small collective Haul.

Lipstick Haul

These are the Lipsticks I bought:

Lipstick Haul swatches

#1 Wet n Wild – Sugar Plum Fairy | #2 Manhattan Blogger’s Choice – 1 Fire Escape | #3 Manhattan – 54V | #4 Maybelline – 547 Pleasure Me Red | #5 Manhattan lipliner – 46N | #6 Essence lipliner – 08 Red Blush

Lipstick Haul swatches

#7 Rival de Loop – 18 | #8 Matt Lipstick – Black | #9 Astor Lipcolor Butter – 020 Flirt Natural | #10 Essence – 07 Natural Beauty | #11 Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Colour – 080

I hope you enjoyed this post ❤ feel free to comment down bellow and maybe also tell me: What  are your Favorite Lipsticks?

lots of love,



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