DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Hello my sweeties ♥

Advent/Christmas season is starting soon and I thought about whether to get a advent calendar or not, then I thought that an DIY one would be a great idea and I decided to share some DIY advent calendar ideas with you.

Fist of all I have to say that I found all ideas on the Internet and only one is something I thought of by myself. For everything I found on the Internet you’ll find the source directly underneath the pictures.

My favorite Ideas to fill an self-made advent calendar are winter activities you can do together, 24/25 reasons you like the person who got the advent calendar for and last but not least the memory advent calendar, filled with pictures and other things from times you spent together.

Activity Advent Calendar

You can find activities for this advent calendar on

If you still want some other ideas you can find All DIY Advent Calendar Ideas I’ve collected on this Pinterest Board.

I hope you found some useful ideas. If you found an advent calendar idea you want to try yourself, please share with us! We would like to see your version of it!

I wish all of you a nice and warm Christmas/Advent season!♥

Lots of Love~

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