Summer Bucket List Update #1

Hello my Sweeties ♥

Today I have my first Bucket List Update for you!

Summer is just to short so try to make it as sweet as possible!

1) Get a Henna Tattoo – I ordered henna online but haven’t received it yet.

2) Have a day at a Lake – this will probably not happen this summer because every time I had time the weather was just not nice.

4) Party! ✔  No pictures for this one but I completed this point :’D

7) Finish my Planner Set Up – Still working on that.

9) Save some money for London ✔

10) Finish my Room – every day a little bit.

11) Summer Room Decor – not this year.

12) Ride a Bike ✔  I do this from time to time.

13) Have a Pool Party ✔  We had a pool party but I took no pictures.

14) Create a new Cocktail – Maybe I will try making more cocktails next year but I was really lazy about this lately.

16) Create a Back 2 School Series – Working on that one.

19) Waxing – Tried it – maybe I will try again next year.

20) Make even more Liquid Lipstick – made one more color.

22) Summer Blog Series – Next Year!

25) Make a bunch of Planner Stickers ✔

This is my Progress so far. Could be better but still not that bad.
How is your summer going?

Lots of Love~

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