Favorite Lipsticks Lately!

Hello my Sweeties! ♥
Today I’d like to share my most worn lipsticks lately! They are cheap but also really nice and feel really good on the lips!

Most Worn CHEAP Lipsticks! AFFORDABLE but AWESOME Lipsticks! Head over to my Blog for more Information! emiirii.wordpress.com

These are my Favorites Lately! :

So in Love with these CHEAP but really AWESOME Lipsticks! Head over to my Blog for more Information! emiirii.wordpress.com

  1. Fake NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream: NVX in the color 06
    Easy to apply and really opaque! This baby is my go to party lipstick because it does not move a bit even if I kiss my boyfriend!
  2. Rival de Loop young: Matt Lipstick in the color 02 go MATT!
    This is one of my favorite day to day Lipsticks! I love it because it stays with me quiet a while with out big touch ups! Also this Lipstick smells like strawberry sweets! *__*
  3. Rival de Loop young: Long Lasting Lipstick in the color 01 keep calm
    I love to rock this lipstick when I don’t feel like drawing a lot of attention to myself. This lipstick is glossy but only a little bit it also has a light shimmer effect but not to much; It’s the perfect amount of shimmer in my opinion! You can easily blot it to have a more matt finish!
  4. Trend IT UP Limited Edition Lipstick: Nomadic Elegance Lipstick in the color 040
    Unfortunately you can’t buy this lipstick anymore but this does not change the fact that I love to wear this lipstick! This is one of the few really glossy lipsticks I own and WEAR. A light nude with a slightly warm undertone; Just the right amount of warmth for my undertone – Lipsticks with really warm undertones do not suit me AT ALL! This lipstick is easy to combine with my outfit and make up. I like to wear it whenever I have no clue what lipstick to wear!
  5. ASTOR: Perfect Stay Fabulous all in one Lipstick in the color 301
    A highly pigmented but also kind of sheer lipstick! I like to do a gradient lip with this lipstick because it is really easy to blend out. Perfect color for days when you already have a lot going on in your face and outfit!
  6. Last but not least This Purple greyish Cream Lipstick/Liquid Lipstick I made myself! (There will be a Tutorial on this on soon!) This color is really long lasting and a great eye catcher! I love to but on this baby whenever I wan’t my outfit to be a little bit more ”grunge”!

Here’s a closer look on the swatches:
Cheap but Great Lipsticks! Head over to my Blog for more information! emiirii.wordpress.com

What cheap Lipstick do you love to wear? Tell us in the comments!
I really hope you enjoyed this post! Please leave a comment down below!

Lots of Love~ ♥
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