Ebay/AliExpress Haul #1

Hello Sweeties ♥

Today I have my first Ebay/ AliExpress Haul for you! I have to say that I will review a lot of the things I share in these Hauls and there will be a lot of Hauls because I’m a shopaholic when it comes to cheap stuff. But if I can say anything precised about a product or I already have an opinion on the product(wehter it is good or bad) I will just share it in the haul and there won’t be a review on that product. Anyways, if you’d like to have a review on a certain product as fast as possible, just leave a comment and I’ll try to do it first or at least faster than usual. I will try to add a link to everything BUT sometimes things are just not available anymore and I can’t promise that the links I share still work in lets say a month from now because on aliexpress and ebay things are constantly changing. Last but not least, most hauls will contain affiliate links. You do not have to use my link but it does not make a difference for you. See my full Disclosure right here.

I personally love AliExpress and Ebay for all the MakeUp! They have a lot of great make up also a lot of fake brand make up. I bought a  few fake Products which I will feature in another haul, stay tuned if your interested in fake brand make up!

Lets get into that Haul!

ebay aliexpress haul #1

First of all I’d like to share all the random things I got. If you just want to see the beauty related items, just skip this part.


cute sticky notes

pencil case

Tea Tree Sheet Mask
I haven’t tried the mask yet, but I will leave an update as soon as I test it!

I also got these soap boxes. I got one for my self-made peeling bars and one for the soap I use to clean my brushes. If you’d like to see my brush cleaning routine just comment it down bellow!


I tend to buy lashes on AliExpress on Ebay because they are really cheap and mostly are great quality!

I couldn’t find the set of the ten different lashes anymore but you can find the set of five lashes right here!

Here are the beauty pieces I got!

Ebay Haul BeautyDragon Liquid LipstickDragon Liquid Lipstick Swatch

I got one color of the Kylie Jenner inspired dragon Liquid Lipsticks, there will be a review soon!

lip cushionlip cushion boxlip cushion swatch

Everything with a cushion is a huge thing right now so I decided to get a cushion lipstick! I got the darkest color available, which is actually still quiet light. I’m probably going to give it away after I’ve done the review because the color doesn’t suit me.

Lip GlossLip gloss swatch

I couldn’t find it on Ebay anymore but I know for sure that you can get this gloss form AliExpress!

popfeel foundationpopfeel foundation swatch

Popfeel Flawless Finish Foundation from Ebay but you can purchase it from AliExpress as well. The foundation is available in 6 colors. I got the lightest color! The darkest shade is a medium color, nothing for the really tan girls out there!
Have not tried it yet but there will definitely be a first impression and/or review on this foundation!

Contour BrushContour Brush sideContour Brush Top

I got this brush because I thought it would be perfect for contouring. The brush is really soft but I personally don’t like to use this brush because I like my contour to be quiet soft. If you’re the one for a precised contour this could be your brush!

Loose Powder by nanda boxloose powder by nanda

I recently found the brand ”by nanda” and decided to buy some of their products one of them is this powder! I also got it in a different color and some other products which I will feature in another haul. There will be a review soon!

BB Pore Silky Balm Box TopBB Pore Silky Balm BoxBB Pore Silky Balm

The last thing I got is this BB Pore Silky Balm. I tried it once when I got it but I will have to really test it before I can really say anything about this product!

That’s it for this Haul! I hope you enjoyed it!

Do you shop on AliExpress or Ebay? And If you do, what are your favorite products? I’d love to know! Feel free to leave a comment down bellow!

Lots of Love~
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