Silky Air Cushion Lipstick by novo |Review

Hello Sweeties ♥

First of all, I need to mention that this post contains affiliate links BUT this is my honest opinion on the product!

Maybe you already saw my first Ebay/Aliexpress Haul? If not you should definitely check it out! But what I want to say is that I don’t just want to start this Ebay/Aliexpress Haul series but also I want to review as many of the things I bought as possible! Air Cushion Beauty products are a huge thing right know therefore I decided to try this trend as well and see if it’s worth the hype!! Today I’d like to review this beautiful Silky Air Cushion Lipstick by novo!


The lipstick costed me around 2€. There are 8 colors available which are all quiet soft but matt! I bought the lightest color, which is actually still quiet light. Therefore I will probably give it away – just not my type of color. Lets get into the review!

The Packaging of this lipstick looks quiet expensive and is really sturdy. The lipstick itself is in the cap so you dip the cushion into the lipstick every time you close it, like when you use a liquid lipstick but the lipstick in the cap is solid!


The Lipstick itself feels amazing once on the lips! It’s almost like you have nothing on your lips. Besides that it is a little bit drying. It is quiet challenging to get a precised edge with the cushion applicator but this is not the purpose of this lipstick anyhow! This Lipstick is perfect if you want to achieve an ombre lip but if you really want to you can also achieve a full lip with the cushion. I would recommend a brush for sharper edges. It is quiet long-wearing but transfers a tiny bit (you’ll have to reapply it after a few hours).

Silky Air Cushion Lipstick by novo ombre lipAir Cushion Lipstick by novo Full Lip



Overall I would definitely recommend this Silky Air Cushion Lipstick by novo! It is a nice color range if your the one for subtle colors on your lips. And for the price of 2€ you can’t complain at all!! And if they had a really vampy color I would definitely buy it!

What do you think about this whole ”Cushion” Hype? Have you tried any cushion products?
I hope you enjoyed this post! maybe you’d also like to see my favorite cheap lipsticks?

Lots of Love~♥


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