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I spent a lot of money on beauty products lately. And when we ordered the Storage Chest by Makeup Revolution London, which I shared yesterday, I decided to buy a bunch of other products form TAMbeauty.com because it was the black Friday weekend and we got free shipping because the Storage Chest itself was expensive enough to give us free shipping. I have to admit that I went a little bit crazy because it was the first time I ordered something from TAMbeauty.com and before that I just owned the things from Freedom and Makeup Revolution I bought on our trip to London last year.

I was really excited to try as many products as I could and wanted to afford, but because of black Friday it turned out to be way more than I planned. I will my opinion on some of the products but I haven’t tried  most of the products, yet. There will be a bunch of reviews for the products that are still available on TAMbeauty.com. If you’d like to have my opinion on a certain product feel free to leave a comment down bellow and I will try to answer all your questions! Enough of that! Lets get into the Haul! This is everything I got!


These are the lipsticks I got!


First of all I decided to get the Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick Kit Noir Mattes Collection which includes 5 Lipsticks you can see the swatches above! I really love the colors! The texture is quiet smooth and the lipsticks apply really nicely but I haven’t worn them out yet therefore I can’t say anything about how they perform throughout the day.


I’m not that excited about this lipstick which is the Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick in the color Make Me Tonight. Lipstick applies really streaky and is not really opaque which is not what you search for in a dark lipstick.


Sadly this color of the pro butter lipglosses is no longer available.


I decided to get two of the I heart makeup lip geek lipsticks in the colors Live for Today and Kiss 2 make up. I have to say that I expected glossy lipsticks but I haven’t expected for them to be glittery and both are. I already gave away Live for Today because it is way to glittery for me but maybe I can make Kiss 2 make up work for me I don’t know yet maybe I will give it away as well.


I also decided to order some foundations but there are all no longer available except The Matte Effect in Cocoa which I got for making my own liquid lipsticks but that’s a topic for another post.


There is a great selection on blushes on TAMBeauty.com and I decided to test some of the cheaper ones. I got a blush by Makeup Revolution in the color Sugar, one by Freedom in True Loved and one of their Blush Bronze and Brighten in the color Smoulder but it’s no longer available.


I also wanted to try one of their brushes and ended up getting the blending brush by Makeup Revolution and it’s a quiet nice brush. The brush is a little bit harder and i don’t mean it’s harsh on the skin but not as fluffy as other blending brushes I own. It is a good blending brush anyways!


The Flawless Matte Palette by Makeup Revolution has a great range of matte colors some have a better color pay off than others also the ones I’ve already tried are really easy to blend and I enjoyed using them!


This Palette is unfortunately no longer available.


I was really excited to try the House of GlamDolls palettes and ended up getting the Vintage Doll and the Exotica Doll Palette which are the both palettes that are no longer available. The Fairy Doll and the Spirit Doll Palette are still available.


I have tried this palette ones and so far I’m in love. There are 10 matte shadows and 22 shimmer shadows in the I Heart Makeup UR the best thing palette. I think it’s a great range of colors and at the moment the palette is on sale and costs only about 6€!!!


This is the last thing I got from TAMBeauty.com, the essential matts palette which is also no longer available.


If you still have any questions feel free to ask! Don’t miss my last post on the Storage Chest of 2016 by Makeup Revolution London! Maybe you’d also like to see my London Haul? [Click Here]

Lots of Love~♥
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