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Today I got the Get to know Me TAG for you! Let’s get started! I Hope you’ll enjoy it!♥

EmiiRii Get to know Me TAG

  1. Do you have a middle name?
    Nope, no middle name.
  2. What was your favorite subject in school?
    I actually still go to school and at the moment I would say it is probably Arts. It is one of my two ”advanced classes” or how ever you call it but I have art classes more often than other classes and we have more topics or at least we got more in depth of the topics.
  3. What’s your favorite drink?
    I do not really have a favorite drink. The drinks I like are constantly changing but I enjoy drinking flavored or plain coffee with milk a lot.
  4. What’s your favorite Song at the moment?
    At the moment I have three favorite songs. Same old love by Selena Gomez, Shape of you by Ed Sheeran and I got you by Bebe Rexha.
  5. What would you call your children?
    I have absolutely no idea, never thought about it.
  6. Do you practice any sports?
    I do some Pilates here and there but that’s basically everything I do except PE classes in school. I used to have dancing classes in modern jazz and ballet and I kind of miss it but I have no time for them anymore. At the moment I’m trying to include workouts in to my weekly routine, but at the moment these workouts are really short because I’m nonathletic af.
  7. What’s your favorite book?
    I do not really read any books at the moment except the ones I need to read for school. But there’s a book I used to really enjoy reading it is ”Hush, Hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick.
  8. What’s your favorite color?
    I don not really have a favorite color, I mean I like some colors more than others but there’s no color I prefer over all the others.
  9. What’s your favorite animal?
    I really love cats and dogs but I wouldn’t say they are my ”favorite” animals.
  10. What’s your favorite perfume?
    Definitely the Playboy VIP perfume.
  11. What’s your favorite holiday?
    I don’t prefer any holiday.
  12. Have you graduated from High School?
    I do live in Germany and we do not have High Schools we have the ”Gymnasium” which you could compare to the High School but to answer the question. I’m still in school.
  13. Have you been out of the country?
    Yes! we went to Greece and Italy when I was younger but that’s a while ago. I have also been to London recently and two years ago we went to Croatia.
  14. Do you speak other languages?
    Yes I do. My mother tongue is german, so for me English is a foreign language. I also speak a tiny bit of russian but I understand WAY MORE than I can speak russian. And I currently have to take spanish classes in school but I’m so bad at it I wouldn’t say I can speak even a bit of spanish.
  15. Do you have any siblings?
    I do have an elder brother!
  16. What’s your favorite store?
    I don’t really enjoy shopping in stores, I tend to shop online and at the moment I really enjoy shopping on AliExpress but only for makeup and small accessorize. For clothes I tend to order from the H&M website but I also like to shop at New Yorker sadly they don’t have an online shop.
  17. What’s your favorite restaurant?
    I have two favorite restaurants one is located in the town I live it’s an asian restaurant which is called ”Panda Bistro” and the other one is located in a city near my boyfriends parents place it’s called ”Felix”, they have an amazing Vegan burger!
  18. Do you like school?
    Depends on the day.
  19. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
    I used to love Wengie but lately she’s doing a lot of videos I don’t really like. I also really like FreeleeTheBananaGirl she’s a Vegan YouTuber. Lately I have been really liking sophdoesnails videos, she’s a beauty YouTuber.
  20. What’s your favorite movie?
    At the moment I’m more into series than movies but I really liked Suicide Squad.
  21. What are your favorite TV shows?
    I love Game of Thrones and Reign. But I also like Revenge and Sleepy Hollow actually I could list a lot more but I think this four will do.
  22. PC or Mac?
    I do have a PC and I probably won’t buy a Mac.
  23. What Phone do you have?
    At the moment I have the Sony Xperia Z5 and I’m quiet satisfied.
  24. How tall are you?
    I’m around 164 cm.
  25. Any pets?
    Not at the moment but I really want to adopt a dog or a cat.

That’s it for todays post! I hope you liked it! Maybe you’d also like to read my last post which was about the Storage Chest by Makeup Revolution London!

Lots of Love~♥


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