Favorite Affordable Lipsticks Lately #2

Hello Sweeties ♥

I already published a post about my favorite cheap/affordable lipstick a while ago and here we go with another post about affordable lipsticks! These are four of my favorite ”nude” lipsticks!


The first lipstick I got for you is by essence the velvet stick lipstick in the color 02 poeny star. It’s a pencil lipstick which is not completely matte it still has a little bit of shine to it which you can’t tell from the picture. This is also the lightest of the four lipsticks. It feels really nice on the lips and is quiet long wearing. I really enjoy wearing this lipstick!


The second lipstick I got for you is by rival de loop young in the color 02 go MATT! It’s the most matt of the four lipsticks and also the lipstick I wear the most on a daily basis. You can easily reapply it throughout the day without worrying it to look patchy!


This one is actually not a lipstick but a lipliner. Also from these four lipsticks it’s the one the hardest to apply but it is a really creamy lipliner and if you want a really matt look this what you should go for!


This is the darkest lipstick today! Mocha-licious by Wet n Wild. This is also the glossiest of the four lipsticks. A great cold brown lipstick which is not as much my color as the other ones but if your a little bit more tan than this could be your color!!!


These are my favorite nude lipsticks lately! What’s your favorite nude lipstick? Do you prefer matte or glossy nudes?
That’s it for to days post! You should definitely check out my last post which was the Get to know Me TAG!

Lots of Love~ ♥

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