Project Pan #1 Get that stuff empty!

Hello Sweeties ♥

I love to see other peoples progress and beauty wise I love seeing project pan posts and videos! There are even some Instagram accounts especially for project pan photos!

I personally also have a lot of products I’d like to empty, therefor I decided that I could post regular Project Pan updates on my blog! I hope you like this idea as much as I do! I decided I wont do project 10 pan or something like that because I’m probably going to add new products as I go. This is going to be an ongoing series on my blog!
I’m also thinking about adding non makeup products like lotions, face cream and things like that but I’m not sure yet. What do you think about adding for example hair and body products?

I decided to not only measure the products witch a ruler but also weight them because I also got a lot of products that can’t really get measured that way. In the end I just weight everything in gram and pounds!

Lets get into the products of my fist project pan post!

Project Pan #1 Get that stuff empty! We all really need to stop buying new products all the time and use the ones we already own to the last bit!

Project Pan #1 Get that stuff empty! first project pan post on my blog! That are all the products I'm trying to empty!

These are all the products for my first project pan! I really love some of them and just want to empty them before they go bad and others are just not my favorites but I still want to empty them.

Project Pan #1 Used to really like this primer but haven't used it in a while.

I used to really like this primer by p2, it was one of the first primers I owned but I no longer really use it. I remember that it was not a bad primer so I’ll try to finish it by using it as a daily primer!

Start weight: 0,082 lb/ 37 gram

All the concealers I want to finish within this Project Pan!

I tend to hoard concealers because I always want to try out new ones because I think there is definitely a better one out there than the one I use, but I still need to empty this ones especially because I feel like some are close to turning bad! I’ll go from left to right.

  1. Rival de Loop Natural Touch concealer: Not the best concealer I own but one of the one with the most coverage. I have the lightest color which is fine for my skin tone (aka snow flake). Start weight: 0,057 lb/ 26 gram
  2. MANHATTAN Wake Up Concealer: This one is supposed to be used on the under eye are, that’s probably the reason why there’s glitter in this concealer. I mean hello? I don’t want any glitter in my concealer? not even for the under eye are. Also the coverage is medium to light. And again I have the lightest color – I wont mention that anymore because I always buy the lightest color. Start weight: 0,040 lb/ 20 gram
  3. Essence Stay all Day Concealer: I haven’t really used this one and I can’t remember my opinion on this product. I will give you an update in my next project pan post! Start weight: 0,035 lb/ 16 gram
  4. Rival de Loop Young Wet & Dry Concealer: There are 3 colors available a light, a darker (still quiet light) and the green version. I own two of the green ones and I have no idea why but that’s how it is. Obviously I also got a regular concealer color. I used the green one quiet often but lately I do not color correct and the other one has not enough coverage for my liking if I remember it correctly.
    Start weight/ length: light beige 10,8 cm/0,024 lb/ 11 gram – green 6,7 cm/ 0,013 lb/ 6 gram – green 7,6 cm/ 0,014 lb/ 7 gram

Project Pan #1 Pressed face powders I don't really use but definitely should finish before buying any other powder!

I also own a lot of powders and I want to empty all until I only have one or two left that I really like to use. I haven’t weight the powders because you can easily see how much I used. Also I think the Manhattan Soft Compact Powder is the only one which is still available.

Project Pan #1 An eyeshadow primer I no longer really use and an eyeliner I want to finally empty!

The eye products I use are changing all the time because I tend to buy new products a lot and I rearrange my routine regularly.

Rival de Loop Young Eye Shadow Primer: I liked this primer a lot but my skin gets extremely oily trough out the day so I needed something that stayed on a bit better but I think I can use this primer for my daytime makeup to get it empty. Start weight: 0,029 lb/ 12 gram

MANHATTAN Gel Eyeliner: This is the eyeliner I use whenever I do an eyeliner but rarely apply eyeliner. To be honest I’m lazy when it comes to eyeliner also I need quiet a bit of time to do my liner and I ain’t got no time for that in the morning. I still want to use it as often as possible because it is already a little bit dry and I want to use as much as possible before it dries out completely! Start weight: 0,066 lb/ 30 gram

Project Pan! Two of my favorite lipsticks and on I just want to finally empty so it's no longer in my collection.

I have a really large lipstick collection (trust me I don’t exaggerate. I own at least a hundred lipsticks). I decided to include two lipsticks I really like and one I never really wear so after I finished them I can decide on whether to rebuy them or not. Hopefully this will reduce my lipstick collection if I repeat this a few or better a lot of times.

Rival de Loop Young – 02 go Matt!: I love this lipstick! It’s one of the few lipsticks from the drugstore that are really matte and not just semi matte. This lipstick doesn’t get patchy even when I do touch ups. Start weight/length: 2,1 cm/ 0,024 lb/ 11 gram 

Essence – 07 Natural Beauty: I bought this listick when I thought I needed a natural everyday color but I learned that I’m more into muted and brownish colors. Start weight/length: 2,1 cm/ 0,029 lb/ 13 gram

Essence – 06 Barely There!: I love this lipstick! I always blot it so it is kind of a satin finish. I like just how it performs trough out the day. It is really easy to reapply without becoming cakey or patchy! Start weight/length: 1,9 cm/ 0,031 lb/ 14 gram 


I hope you liked this post! Are there any products you want to finally empty? Let me know!!!
If you have any questions about the products I mentioned feel free to ask! I’ll try to answer all your questions!

Maybe you’d also like to see my last post which was about my favorite cheap lipsticks lately! See you next time ♥

Lots of Love~♥



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