Affordable Lip Mask Review

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First of all I need to say that there are affiliate links in this post but they DO NOT influence my opinion!

As you may or may not know I love shopping on AliExpress and Ebay. Time I got a bunch of this Lip Masks because I once saw a review by Wengie an a lip care set witch included a lip mask like this. I was curious to if this one would work as great as the one she reviewed. Let’s get into my impressions about this affordable lip mask!

First of all the Packaging

The packaging is made of plastic and when you open it there is a thicker plastic sheet where the lip mask sits on. Also all the writing is in Chinese which makes it kind of a ”guess how to do it” thing.

Overall the packaging is easy to open and I like that it is thin so it does not take a lot of space in my drawer.

The Procedure

The procedure is really easy. You remove the mask from the packaging and apply it to your lips by slightly pressing it onto your skin and lips. Then you’ll have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the mask, massage the left over lotion into your skin and lips and your done!

I had to press the mask back in place a few times but that’s because I had to laugh a few times and it was not much of an problem. at no time I had a feeling of the mask falling down or really moving a lot.  Also I ripped my mask on the side but that’s my fault because I was really unwary when I first applied it.

Smell and Feeling

There is definitely a smell to it but it is not really intense and I can’t really identify what it smells like because the smell is so subtle.

For the feeling I have to say that it is really weird to have it on your lips mainly because I’m not used to lip masks. Also You cant open your moth which makes it even weirder. It feels a little bit cooling on the skin and that’s basically it. It doesn’t burn or something like that which is a plus. Besides the fact that it is really weird I have nothing bad to say about the feeling.

When you remove the mask you will still have some of the lotion on your skin. I would recommend to just massage it into your skin!

Close up – Before and After

Here’s a close up of the before and after. You can see that my lips look more moisturized but the dry spots in the inner parts of my lips are still a little bit dry.

I had really dry and sensitive lips in the before picture. After using the mask my lips felt a lot more moisturized and smooth but not as much as I hoped. I think it would be great to use this mask before you do your makeup when you plan to apply liquid lipstick.

Pros and Cons

Pro – The mask also moisturizes the skin around your lips.

Pro – The price! This thing is really cheap compared to other lip masks on the market.

HUGE PRO – There is an expiration date on the packaging of the mask!

Con – You can’t speak or drink – You could rip the thinner part in the middle of the mask and drink with a straw but this makes it more difficult to really fit the mask to the shape of your lips and it will moisturize the inner parts of the lips less.

Final Note – Does it work?!

I would give this lip mask a 8/10.

Over all the mask could be more moisturizing but for the price it is really great! I would definitely recommend to try this lip mask at least once!

I hope this helped you! Do you still have any questions? Feel free to ask! What is your favorite lip care product? 

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Lots of Love~♥


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