Project Pan Update #2

Hello Sweeties ♥

Today I have my first Project Pan Update for you!! Before I start I want to mention real quick that I’m currently hosting a giveaway! Don’t miss to enter!! I have to say that I added a couple of products because I wanted to empty some other products as well as to have more lipsticks to choose from because I get tired of colors if I wear them to often. Now I have 25 products I’d like to empty. Also don’t forget to check out my last Project Pan Post!

Let’s get into my Project Pan Progress!!


I had a bit of progress on my P2 Primer and I hope I can finish it this month! I actually don’t think it’s a great primer but it gives some moisture to my skin and I just don’t want to throw it away.

This a new primer by essence, I think it was some sort of limited edition but I’m not sure. I tried it a few times already and I don’t feel like it does a lot. Especially the anti-redness part does nothing at all. I want to empty it anyways because I spent money on it.


essence Stay all day concealer – I used this concealer once since I started my project pan and I noticed that it looks really weird on my skin even though the color is not that off from my skin color. Therefore I decided to exclude it from my project pan from now on. Maybe I’ll give it away or trow it away. I’m not sure,yet.

Rival de Loop Natural Touch concealer – This used to be one of my favorite concealers but lately I found some concealers that just work better for me. But I managed to almost finish this concealer!

Manhattan Wake Up Concealer – This concealer is not one of the best. It is not even close to covering my under eye circles but I use it whenever I want to highlight my face because this concealer got some light shimmer to it.

I don’t know if I’m going to finish the beige one because it has not enough coverage for my liking but I will definitely try to finish the green ones (I have no clue why I own two of them). This will probably take some time because I don’t color correct really often. I used to color correct daily but my skin used to be way more red back then and i don’t feel the need to color correct a lot anymore.

Face Powder

I have three face powders I’d like to empty. Last time I forgot to weight them but I did it this month! I have to say that I repressed the first one because I found it to be really hard to get any product onto my brush! I have no preference between these powders, I just use which ever I get into my hands first.


I use this eyeshadow base almost daily and it feels like it lasts forever but I noticed a slight progress. It’s a nice base for more natural eyeshadow looks but I wouldn’t recommend it for something like a smokey eye for example.

New In. I used to like this color tattoo as an eyeshadow base but looking back I don’t why I used it as a primer, it’s way to glittery to cover your entire lid with it. I think it will take forever to get this thing empty because I rarely use it but I will try to use it more often maybe in the center of my lid. I will have to play around with it but I think I can do this.

New in. This palette looks so gorgeous, it’s almost to beautiful to use it, but I don’t collect makeup just to look good in my collection. This shadows are not highly pigmented and I have no idea what I could do with the green one but I will try to use the other colors as often as possible.

I seriously need to clean this gel liner. I own this one for way to long already. Therefore I decided I’m going to try to empty it but if can’t manage to empty it within the next months I will have to trow it away because I don’t really think it’s sanitary to keep an eyeliner for that long.


New in. I think I bought this bronzer when I was 16 (I’m 20 now) and I used it daily back then. I used it to contour my face but now that I’m older and more into makeup I know that this color is way to warm to use it as a contour product. I still want to empty it using it as a actual bronzer.


New in. I never really use the highlighter in this contour kit because it’s a little bit to natural compared to the highlight I usually use. I started to use it with another highlighter on top.


Last but not least I have a bunch of lipsticks to choose from every day. Some are ones I really love others are just sitting in my collection and I never use them but I still want to get some use out of them.

And we are finally at the end of this post! haha.

Are you into your own project pan? how is your progress going?

Don’t miss to enter my birthday giveaway!!

Lots of Love~♥

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