Popfeel Flawless Finish Foundation |Review

Hello Sweeties ♥

Today I have a Review about the Flawless Finish Foundation By Popfeel for you! This foundation is available in 6 colors and costs around 2-3 Euro (I bought mine on ebay for 2 Euro something). I bought this foundation because I plan to do a full face of makeup only using products from aliexpress and ebay. Let’s get into the review!


The bottle itself is made out of glass with a plastic pump and a cap made from sturdy plastic. The foundation also comes in a black box but I forgot to take a photo. Overall the packaging seams to be really sturdy and good quality

But we’re here to see if the foundation is worth the money even if it’s cheap!

The Foundation

Here’s a swatch of the foundation. It has a really smooth a little bit gel like consistency. I got the lightest color which is fine for me, not perfect but with a full face of makeup it would definitely work. It got no strong scent to it which is quiet good, I would say. This Foundation is Oil Free and has an SPF of 15!

The foundation was easy to apply and easy to blend which is good. But I have to say that this foundation has really light coverage, in the picture bellow I applied two layers to get some kind of coverage. What’s important is that this foundation does not oxidize, which is also a plus for me.

In the close up you can see that it doesn’t cover my birthmarks. It covered my redness quiet fine but my skin was not really red that day, I’m sure it couldn’t cover more than a tiny bit of redness. I also noticed that the foundation creased within like 2 minutes, it also started creasing around my nose really fast, so you have to definitely set it with powder really fast after you applied it.

The finish of the foundation is really natural, it gives your skin a really natural healthy glow. But as I already said you have to set this foundation.

Overall I would say it’s a nice foundation for a really natural look because it’s perfect to even out you skin tone a bit (as I said, it wouldn’t cover heavy redness). I would not recommend it to anyone who’s looking for high coverage in a foundation.

This foundation comes only in 6 shades which are all light. That’s perfect for me because I’m pale af but it also means it will be way to light for a lot of people.

I Personally would give this foundation a rating from 7 out of 10.

It’s cheap and not totally bad. If you’re going for more natural makeup this could be the perfect foundation for you. Also it doesn’t hurt as much if it’s not for you because it’s only around 3 Euros.

Have you tried any Makeup from AliExpress or Ebay? Is there any product I should definitely try? Tell me in the comments down bellow!!

If you’re interested in cheap MakeUp you should also check out my review of the silky air cushion lipstick by novo!!

Lots of Love~♥
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