Ebay/Aliexpress Haul #3

Hello Sweeties ♥

Today I have another Haul for you. I know I haven’t posted in a while and I’m really sorry about that but I just couldn’t motivate myself to write new blog posts also I was really busy decluttering our home. I will try my best to stay present again! Also there are coming a bunch of hauls within the next weeks because I didn’t want to make one massive haul bur instead split it in a bunch (actually like 20) of smaller hauls because I bought massive amounts of beauty products, stationary and clothes from AliExpress and Ebay. Let’s get into this haul!

First of all here’s an overview of this haul:

I bought two shades of the popfeel high definition concealer. Actually I got send one wrong color but got refunded so I’m fine about it. I originally ordered one skin colored concealer and one in an more orange color to see if this can color correct my blue under eye circles. Instead of the skin colored I got the purpleish concealer which I will probably give to a friend the other one is in the color 5 if I remember it right. I haven’t really tried these yet but I will let you know as soon as I have an opinion on these concealers. You can get this concealer either from Ebay or AliExpress whichever you prefer.


Then I decided to buy an eyeshadow palette with 88 different shades because I thought it would have matte shadows. I was wrong. There are mainly shimmer shadows in this palette and I’m also not a big fan of the pigmentation. I already gave this palette to a friend of mine who likes to use crazy colors like this.


I was really excited to try some loose pigments so I bought a set of 30. This set came with 15 shimmery pigments and 15 glitter shades. I just decluttered half of them because let’s be honest, I won’t use a green or a blue pigment any time soon. Sadly I can’t give you a link for this one because it’s no longer available and I couldn’t find these exact same set from another seller.


I bought these loose eyeshadow rollers not to use them on my eyes but for doing my DIY liquid lipsticks. Let me know if you’re interested in a tutorial for my preferred way of DIY Liquid Lipsticks. I have to say that these things are really f# messy even if you don’t open them. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend using the roller as an applicator but maybe it works with a brush but I haven’t tried to use these on my eyes and I probably won’t do it.


Let me tell you. STAY AWAY FROM THIS EYELINERS! These are the worst eyeliners I’ve ever tried, like seriously. I have nothing else to say, just don’t waste your money on these like I did. Note: I got mine in a set of two with two crappy brushes.


I bought this mascara because of the fancy wand it comes with and I haven’t tried it yet. also I don’t feel really secure using a mascara I got from china and I probably won’t buy any more because to be honest we don’t know what’s in there. (also I couldn’t find this mascara to provide a link. Sorry for that)


And another mascara I got from china I eventually won’t ever use. I bought this one mainly for the packaging I mean isn’t it cute it’s a cat. I repeat, a CAT! I had to buy this. Ok, I’m not THAT in love with cats but I found this really cute and kind of extraordinary also it was cheap so there was no reason not to buy it.


Eyebrows frame the face so there’s no reason not to try a new eyebrow pencil. This one is by nanda in the color 3 and I haven’t tried it yet but there will be a post especially dedicated to eyebrow products from AliExpress and Ebay soon! So stay tuned if you’re interested in cheap eyebrow pencils, gels/mascaras and pomades.


You know these peel off lip tattoos were a huge thing I think last year, so I needed to try them. I actually bought these months ago and had plenty of time trying them out. I have to admit that these peel off tattoos are just not for me. Not because they are bad actually they work perfectly once you practiced a bit ( I would recommend applying them using a brush) but because I am WAY to lazy to use these and I’m more a matte lips kind of girl. Also I feel like these blushed colors do not really suit me at all. They just don’t reflect me and my personality or something like that haha. You can either try this one or this one.


These lipsticks look really cute don’t you think so? I bought these because I thought it would be nice for on the go but first of all I don’t like the colors and secondly I ordered two sets and one came broken, the other one was supposed to be a birthday present and for me they are not worth reordering them but if you are into lighter pink and redish lipsticks these might be great for you!


I decided to try the soft matte lip creams by QiBest. I bought the shades 627 (the berry one) and 609 (the nude one). So far I had no real chance to properly test them but I applied one of them (can’t remember which color) once for a few hours and as far as I remember I wasn’t really impressed but I will definitely try it again and let you know!


And another Liquid lipstick by QiBest but from another collection and with another formula.( I got the color 607 )
I haven’t tried this one yet but I will give you an update as soon as I did. I also ordered some other shades so maybe there will be a full post about these QiBest liquid lipsticks.


And last but not least some ”fake mac” lipsticks. They are no actual fake products but I mainly bought them because they look a bit like this collection from mac (can’t remember the name) just with different colors. I couldn’t find these online anymore, really sorry about that. But I wouldn’t really recommend buying them anyways. Why? Because they are not really opaque also they are kind of streaky and not really long lasting.

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Feel free to leave a comment down bellow and/or ask any questions that you might have! Have you got any suggestions on good products from AliExpress or Ebay? Let us know!
Maybe you’re also interested in my last Ebay and AliExpress Haul? Or my review on the Silky Air Cushion Lipstick by novo? See you next time!

Lots of Love~♥
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