Project Pan Update #3

Hello Sweeties ♥
welcome back to another project pan update! I decided to change things up a little bit. Instead of showing you the progress of every single product in my project pan, I will just share the products that I had decent progress on, decluttered or emptied. Because when I created my last update I noticed how many damn pictures this post needed and most products had little to no progress at all. If you want to see all products that are in my project pan head over here! Maybe I will do every third to forth update with all products so you can see a complete status update. Let me know if you’re interested!

Let’s get into this project pan update!!

First of all here’s an overview of the products that are currently in my project pan:

I think we’ll start with the empties and products I decluttered.


So I managed to empty my first powder. It was already quiet empty to begin with and it just looks quiet full in the first picture because I repressed it. I won’t rebuy this powder because I feel like it’s one of the most powdery powders I’ve ever had. I honestly can’t understand why I used to love this powder because I know this one was not the first one I emptied. It just makes your face look SUPER powdery like really super powdery but at the same time it lasted not really long and I had to repowder often because lets be honest my face gets oily af pretty fast.


I also managed to empty this concealer by Rival de Loop and I even removed the thing that controls how much product you get on the wand to get it as empty as possible because there’s still a lot of product in concealers even when you feel like there’s nothing coming out (you should definitely try this with your favorite concealer when it’s ”empty”). I don’t think this a bad concealer but I won’t repurchase this one because first of all I have a bunch of other concealers also I found some concealers that just work better for me.


I decluttered this lipstick from Rival de Loop because the color is just not really something I would wear. I thought I like it but the more I tried it the more I noticed that I actually don’t like it at all at least on myself. Also this one got discontinued almost a year ago I think, because I bought this one when it was on sale because it got discontinued.


Another lipstick I decluttered is the glossy stick by essence. I don’t know I just don’t like the color that much also I’m not a big fan of really glossy lipsticks. Now you’re probably thinking “why do you even buy a glossy lipstick when you don’t even like them?” yeah.. I bought this accidentally because I wanted one of the matt sticks or whatever they are called and grabbed the wrong one. I thought I might get it to work for me but nop. It’s just to much of a struggle.


Then I decluttered this gel eyeliner by manhattan not because it’s bad or something but because it’s just already really old and I don’t feel really save putting it anywhere near my eyes. There’s no point in keeping an eyeliner you won’t put on your eyes. Also when I used it the last time I forgot to put the lid back on it and dried quiet a lot. I already bought a new one.


I’m decluttering this limited edition eyeshadow palette by essence because I don’t really like it and the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is not the best (also I dropped it and the green shadow broke completely)


Going to take like a ‘break’ from this lipstick. I don’t know if I will put it back into my project pan but it will definitely stay in my collection. I had some progress on this lipstick but not a lot but I like it.


I don’t know if you can tell but there’s definitely a dent in this color tattoo by maybelline I do have to say that I really enjoy using this with a brush as an eyeshadow base for rose eyeshadow looks and maybe I will just put it back into my collection because I’m not really trying that hard to get it empty.


I finally see some progress on the eyeshadow base wuhu. This eyeshadow base by rival de loop young lasts for ever and I use it more often than any other eyeshadow base I own but I finally see it coming to an end. But I think it will take probably another 1-3 months to finally get it empty. Maybe I’ll rebuy it but I’m not sure because I have some other eyeshadow bases in my collection which I should probably use as well.


I have another two powders in my project pan and at the moment I’m concentrating on the one by Synergen and you can see that it’s almost empty yay. I won’t rebuy this powder because I feel like I tried a lot of powders that are just way better.


I also dropped the honolulu bronzer by W7… Going not to well for me lately haha. I tried to use this more often as an actual bronzer because I used to contour with it (yeah I know it’s way to warm to be a contour powder). I mean I like it but I’m not that much of bronzer person so it will take me probably a while to finish this bronzer. I will still continue using it.


I finally see some progress in the highlighter from the contour palette by sleek. You can tell by the picture that there’s some progress but in person it’s way more obvious. I used to dislike this highlighter but I really learned to love it especially for days I want a more natural look.


It looks like I’m going to finish this lipstick by essence soon! This one is in the color 06 barely there but it just got discontinued if you have the chance to still get it I would totally recommend to so because the color is just so nice and suits a lot of people.


I haven’t used this lipstick a lot lately but at least I had some progress. I like the color a lot but I wasn’t really feeling it lately.


That’s it for this project pan update! I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments down bellow!
You should definitely also check out my last post which was an ebay/aliexpress haul or my review on the flawless finish foundation from popfeel!

Lots of Love~


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