Best Affordable Highlighters for Pale Skin under 5€

Hello Sweeties ♥

As an pale af girl I recently had the idea of sharing my favorite/best cheap highlighters for all pale people out there!
I hope you’re as excited as I am about this post! You can buy some of these from the drugstore and some of them only online ( I bought them on AliExpress and will share a link with you!). One last note before I start sharing the highlighters is that except one of the highlighters which gives a more natural glow, all the other highlighters are really intense!

As always here’s an overview of all highlighters I’m going to share!


Let me start with the most ‘unusual’ “highlighters” which are actually eyeshadows by essence. There are a lot of eyeshadows which double as great highlighters and these two are by far my favorite ones and they only cost 1,50€. I would definitely recommend checking out the colors ’05 Cotton Candy’ and ’10 Apricotta’. There’s also a white eyeshadow which gives an awesome glow, I think it’s called snow flake and you should check that one out as well!


If you’re a fan of Jeffree Stars Youtube videos you probably already know about these two highlighters since he made a video about them a while ago. Both highlighters cost around 4€.

Radiant lights is a natural highlighter which gives a really nice natural glow. I have to note that this highlighter is quiet dry and feels a bit chalky but it’s still a nice highlighter!

Peach Lights on the other hand is an intense almost blinding highlighter. I love to wear this one especially for nights out.


Let’s get into the highlighters from AliExpress. These two are from Focallure and have the size of eyeshadows but they are still awesome highlighters and I already got a backup of hippo since the pan is quiet small and I use hippo frequently on a daily basis.

Hippo is a nice rose toned highlighter while Monster is an yellow/gold duo-chrome highlighter which reflects pink shades.

Both cost around 2€ depending on the seller and if it’s discounted or not.


The last Highlighter I’d like to share with you is the illuminator by Maria Ayora. I got mine in 04 which is a rose toned highlighter and I recently fell in love with it. This highlighter is definitely worth the wait since it takes a while for products to arrive when you order on AliExpress. This highlighter costs around 2€ depending on the shop you get it from and if it’s discounted which happens frequently.

I hope you enjoyed this post ♥ I have a massive highlighter collection and thought it’s time to share some of them. But I have to admit that the swatches don’t do these highlighters any justice.
What posts would you love to read next? Leave a comment and let me know!♥

Maybe you’d also enjoy reading some of my other posts like my recent empties and decluttered which contains reviews or my latest drugstore haul. See you soon ♥

Lots of Love~♥



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