DIY Advent Calendar for HIM

Hello Sweeties ♥

I think it was last year that I shared a collection of DIY advent calendar ideas. This year my boyfriend and me decided that he won’t get a Christmas gift from me instead I created an advent calendar for him which ended up costing me a lot more than a Christmas present would have cost me but I don’t mind.

I decided to share some sneak peaks of the advent calendar with you. I won’t share everything I include in the advent calendar since my boyfriend reads my blog sometimes. I actually haven’t finished his advent calendar yet but I thought it would be more useful for you if I post it now instead of in December (obviously since it’s an advent calendar that starts at December first).

DIY advent calendar inspiration for HIM, a nice alternative to a traditional Christmas gift!

This advent calendar won’t be like the once you where all 24 days are showcased because my boyfriend will get a gift bag with one week in it till December 1st. I hope you get what I mean to say. Basically I’m going to make 4 bags. Three ones with 7 presents in them and one with three presents. I thought about doing one huge bag but it would be a pain in the ass to search for a particular day so downsized to four different bags. If you’re more interested in an advent calendar with all 24/25 days at one view you should check out my DIY advent calendar ideas post.

I personally like I already mentioned spend a lot of money on my boyfriends advent calendar (somewhere between 200 and 300 Euro) But you can do a nice calendar for around 50 euro. Most things I got actually are pretty cheap but I also got three things that ended up costing around 200 euro. I think an DIY advent calendar is a great Christmas gift option.


Here you got a sneak peak of the packaging. I decided to use black gift wrapping paper because it’s sort of manly but still quiet christmasy since it got snowflakes on it. Also this gift wrapping paper is golden on the other side so I can change things up a bit. I also got some small gift boxes from the dollar store so I won’t have to package every single present.


My boyfriend loves beard care products, therefore a lot of products in his advent calendar will be beard care. I also got one perfume for him. I usually don’t buy perfume for him to be honest I don’t buy perfume for anyone since it’s really hard to find the perfect scent for someone who’s not yourself. I still got the playboy VIP for him since I got the one for woman and love it, I thought it would be kinda nice to have matching perfumes (funny isn’t it?). I really badly hope he’ll like it.


Because I couldn’t just fill the whole calendar with cosmetics I decided to get him some bracelets which suit his style and a lighter I got in Dublin.

Some other things I got for him are: a bathrobe, some underwear, one fancy pair of socks (because there’s no Christmas without at least one pair of socks gifted to you haha), a gift card for a back massage at our local Thai massage place


I also included some sweets because I already spend A LOT of money on the other presents so I decided to get some fillers. I only got things with white chocolate because I know that’s the only kind of chocolate my boyfriend really likes. I also got nerds because when I brought them from London last year he loved them so I got them in Dublin since you can’t get them in stores in Germany.


I hope you enjoyed this post and it kind of helped you! Or you at least found some gift inspiration for your man! If you enjoyed this post you may want to like or share it? If you’re not yet subscribed to my blog you may also consider doing so ♥

Maybe you’d also like to read some of my other posts like The Mystery Blogger Award or my favorite cheap highlighters for pale skin. See you soon ♥

Lots of Love~♥



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