Ebay and AliExpress Haul #10 |Haul Week Day 6

Hello Sweeties ♥

Welcome back to day 6 of haul week #1!♥ I’m glad you found your way back onto my blog ♥ Haul week is almost over and I hope you like the idea of one week with just haul posts. Let me know what you think! Let’s get into the haul!

As always I’ll start with an overview of everything I got.

I got a few different face masks to try. If you’re interested in them I’ll review them in my empties and decluttered posts whenever I use one. If you’d like to have a full post of me reviewing face masks from AliExpress feel free to tell me in the comments and I’ll make sure to do a post like that.

From left to right: Sea Weed Mask, Aloe Vera Mask, Hyaluronic Acid Mask, Nose strip kit


I also got some tools and a solid perfume.

Heart Brush Cleaning Tool – I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy using this thing to help me clean my brushes. I especially like this tool because it’s quiet small and easy to store away without blocking out a lot of space! Definitely would recommend it. But I have to mention that this tool works best for eyeshadow brushes actually just smaller brushes in general. I also use it for my face brushes but this takes some time since you can’t really swirl around a large brush to much. This also great for cleaning sponges.

Pink Blending Sponge – This sponge is not nearly as soft as a beauty blender but definitely way softer than all the ones I bought at drugstores. (except the real techniques sponge).

Solid Perfume – The only reason I bought this solid perfume was the Signs of the Zodiac theme of the packaging. NOTE this perfume smells like some lemon cleaning supply. In a really bad way. Honestly I get a headache every time I smell it.

Hair Pin – This bow hair pin is kinda cute and the quality is not too bad.

Eyelash Curler – This interesting lash curler made a lot of sense to me when I first saw it. But I recently decluttered it since I never really reached for it. If your struggling with regular lash curlers in means of the curve always being too narrow or too wide this lash curler may be something for you.


Black Head Tool – I bought this because pore strips never really work for me but to be honest this thing’s also not great at removing my black heads. I would’t recommend this specific tool. It ‘hurts’ quiet a lot and doesn’t do s#t.


This four piece brush set is amazing. I love it! They are so soft and the ones I got haven’t shed a single hair yet. The pointed blending brush is nice for nose contouring and I personally use the big flat brush for applying an skin toned eyeshadow to my eyelids. Overall this set is definitely worth every cent I paid.


Fan brushes are supposed to be really nice for applying highlighter. Even though I already have a really nice highlighter brush which looks like a huge blending brush with more dense hair I still decided to try a fan brush. If you’re wondering why I got three, It’s because I wanted to give two away.

The blue and silver brush are almost exactly the same and are quiet nice for applying highlighter. The purple on on the other hand is horrible. You can probably tell the difference between the brushes by the photo. The purple brush has just way less hair than the others, also it’s another kind of hair which feels really plasticy.


The Color Sunny Eyebrow Pencil is the most waxy eyebrow pencil I’ve ever used. It looks so unnatural that I didn’t even try to use it a second time. Also the brush (I can’t remember how it’s called in English but I think you understand what I’m trying to say – please let me know how its called haha) on the other end is really harsh and it felt like it could rip out my eyebrow hair.


Obviously these Jeffree Star highlighters are not authentic. They are not the best highlighters actually. I kinda like the white but they are kinda (I don’t even know how to describe it) not chalky but also not soft. I think you could say that they are a bit chunky and/or clumpy. I think I’ll try to make them work in one way or another (I use peach goddess as a blush) but I think I wouldn’t really recommend buying them.


And again I got some NYX lip cream knock offs. These ones are again more a liquid lipstick than a lip cream. I haven’t really tried them yet. If you’d like to know how I feel about them leave a comment down bellow and I’ll make sure to let you know.

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Maybe you’d also like to read some of my other posts like best affordable highlighters for pale skin or my empties and decluttered post where I also leave reviews of all the products. See you soon ♥

Lots of Love~♥
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