Ebay and AliExpress Haul #11 |Haul Week Day 7

Hello Sweeties ♥

Welcome back to day 7 of haul week #1!♥ This is the last day of my first haul week and I hope you enjoyed the idea of a full week with just haul posts. As I mentioned when I started haul week I’m doing this because I’m a little shopaholic and collected a lot of hauls. I want to get them out as fast as possible without posting a haul every week. I just want you to still have the opportunity to still buy most products since sometimes by the time I get a product it’s already no longer available and no other seller/shop sells the same product.

Let’s get into the haul!♥

And again I got another bunch of face masks. I haven’t tried these ones yet and as I already said yesterday I’m going to review them in my empties and decluttered post every time I try one of them. If you’re interested in a whole post dedicated to face masks from AliExpress, leave a comment down bellow and I’ll make sure to create a post like that.

From left to right: Green Tea Mask, Under Eye Patches, Gold Nose Mask (I only bought this one because it looked so weird that I wanted to try it), Gold Collagen Face Mask


ColourPop eyeshadows are loved by a lot of people and so are the fakes from AliExpress. I actually couldn’t find a actual fake of the colourpop eyeshadows just a knock off. I personally fine them to be really hard to work with due to the kinda bouncy but not creamy consistency and I decluttered them.


I was really happy with the highlighter by focallure therefore I decided to try more of their products.

First I got one of their blushes. I’m pretty sure I got the darkest one. For me that’s no problem since I always use a really light hand applying blush. I really like the color B06 Charisma. The formula is more on the chalky side but it is still definitely worth a try.

I got another highlighter this time in the shade H01 Monster. I already futured this highlighter in my best cheap highlighters for pale skin post. This highlighter is a duo chrome highlighter which looks golden/yellowish but reflects in pink.

The last product by Focallure I got is an eyeshadow. I actually broke this one trying to depot it, ups. But E18 Sequin  is still a really nice pinky bronze shade.


I also decided to try another highlighter. The Maria Ayora illuminator in shade 4. I love this one even more than the one by focallure. I even got a lot of compliments on my highlight when is used this illuminator.

I hope you enjoyed the last haul of my first haul week ♥ Have you already tried any of this products? What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments down bellow!! If you enjoyed this post you may want to like or share it or subscribe to my blog and join our family ♥

Maybe you’d also like to read some of my other posts like my best cheap highlighters for pale skin or my Mystery Blogger Award post. See you soon ♥

Lots of Love~♥
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