Empties and Decluttered with reviews #3

Hello Sweeties ♥

Welcome back to another empties and decluttered post! As always I included my personal opinion on every product but if you want more details on any product feel free to leave a comment and I will answer all your questions ♥

Here’s an quick overview of everything I decluttered.

First of all I decluttered a bunch of nail art products since I never really do any nail art so I don’t need them. I also decided to get rid of half of my cosmetic glitter and pigments because I don’t see myself using these shades.

Then I went ahead and got rid of this MUA palette because I never really used it. I just found the eyeshadows to be really hard to blend and also not really pigmented. I liked some shades but I didn’t want to keep the whole palette just for a few shades.

I also got rid of an eyeshadow pencil by rival de loop young again because I just never really use it and I currently try to declutter my makeup collection and to get rid of everything I don’t enjoy to use.

The blending brush in the picture is one I got from AliExpress and it went straight into the trash bin. The bristles of the brush were really stiff and kinda painful to use around the eye.


The baked highlighter by rival de loop young was the first ever highlighter in my makeup collection and I actually didn’t really declutter it but replaced it because I own it for way to long and don’t feel like it’s sanitary to use it.


Lip tattoos used to be a huge thing on the internet and I also got a bunch of colors. I actually like some of the colors and the quality is not bad but I never really use them since the tinted lip look doesn’t really fit my style. Also I feel like it is really messy apply them.


I also got rid of three other lip products.

I decluttered the focallure lip crayon in the shade 08 fuzzy wuzzy. I mainly decluttered this lipstick because the shade looks really odd on me. I have another shade of the focallure lip crayons and I will probably do a review on it.

The rival de loop Beauty balm in the shade 02 berry had to leave my collection because the applicator started to smell kinda weird. Also I think I will declutter most of my lip glosses because I never really wear them. I’m just more into matte lipsticks.

The last lipstick I decluttered is the Sugar Queen Lipstick in the shade 13. I love the color but lately I don’t really wear dark lipsticks and own quiet a few of them. I decided to get rid of this one because I have other dark lipsticks I prefer over this one.


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Maybe you’d also like to read some of my other posts like my last empties and decluttered or my last drugstore haul.

Lots of Love~♥
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