5 Things I can’t live without |Winter Edition

Hello Sweeties ♥

Today I’d like to share the 5 things I can’t live without this winter with you. I just collected my favorite things I don’t want to miss at the moment. They just help me enjoying this season a lot. Feel free to share your winter must haves in the comments down bellow! Let’s get into the 5 things I can’t live without this winter!


Face oil and Face serum

If you read my blog regularly you’ll already know that lately I’ve been loving my face oils and serums. I use a face oil every evening and an serum/essence maybe every other day. Especially in the cold winter season it’s really important to moisturize your skin properly and face oils do a great job. If you have oily skin as I do I’d definitely recommend argan oil because it sinks into your skin really quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling behind. Also using a face oil really helps with my oily skin and whenever I use it regularly my skin just takes longer to get oily.

Coffee Syrup

Every morning I make myself a cup of coffee with some coffee syrup in it. This really helped me enjoy the cold and dark winter mornings and I really look forward to it every time I have to get out of bed. I especially love macadamia syrup but it is quiet expensive so lately I’ve been going with hazelnut syrup instead which is also nice but not as good as the macadamia one.


Cherry Pit Pillow / Hot-Water Bottle

My Boyfriend and I tend to forget to put on the heater in our bedroom leaving it quiet cold. Therefore we started taking hot-water bottles into bed with us whenever we forgot about the heater. It is also really nice to have a hot-water bottle on your lap when watching movies snuggled up in a blanket.


Thigh high socks

I personally don’t really like wearing jeans or pants and years ago I started wearing either fleece tights or tights with thigh high socks when it gets cold outside. This way I don’t have to wear jeans and still be warm. I actually own around 6 pairs of thigh high socks and let me tell you I’m going to buy more haha.


Cozy Combat Boots

This year I had to buy new boots because my old ones basically fell apart. I love combat boots more than any other boots so I decided to get some with wool lining. These boots by riecker cost me 50€ and I swear these are the most warm keeping boots I’ve ever owned and also most comfortable once.


I hope you enjoyed this post ♥ What are your things you can’t live without this winter? Let us know in the comments down bellow!♥ If you enjoyed this post you may want to like or share it or subscribe to my blog and join our family ♥

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Lots of Love~♥

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