New In #3 Drugstore Haul

Hello Sweeties ♥

today I have a drugstore haul for you. I haven’t really tested most of the products but let me know if you’d like to have a review of any f these products. Let’s get into the haul.


I decided to try the recently launched foundation by essence. I got the lightest shade and the matching primer. I haven’t actually tried it yet but you can tell from the swatch that the foundation is to dark for me. Also when I did the swatch photos I noticed something I haven’t noticed in stores, this foundation has shimmer in it and so does the primer. I’m not really happy about that but I will try this foundation anyways and see how I feel about it once it’s on my skin.

I also got some foundation lightening drops by catrice because I thought a pale girl like me could always get some use of lightening drops. These drops are actually almost a good match for my skin color.


I also finally decided to try one of the lash princess mascaras by essence which are so loved by many people. I got the purple sculpted volume one. I never really wanted to try it since I usually use waterproof mascaras and there’s no waterproof version of any of the lash princess mascaras. I have already tried the mascara and I kinda like how it makes my lashes look but I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

I usually use eyebrow pencils because they are fast to use but I still wanted to try the waterproof eyebrow powder by trend it up and let me tell you I love it. I feel like it is really easy for me to get a clean and sharp eyebrow. I can’t tell anything about the waterproof properties but it doesn’t smudge on me, at least it hasn’t so far. I also really love the color (020) which suits my hair color and skin color really well.

Then I also got an eyeshadow by trend it up in the shade 110. I bought this one because it seemed to be a nice crease shade. I plan on depoting it for my magnetic palette and so far I haven’t tried it because I have a bunch of other eyeshadows to try.


Essence also recently launched their new matte butter lipsticks. I got them in the shades 02 hot cocoa and 03 frozen sugar. You can tell by the photo that these lipsticks are not really matte. So far I’ve only tried 03 frozen sugar. I like the color and the feeling on the lips and after blotting the lipstick it’s a nice satin finish but I wore it for a night out in a club and let me tell you this lipstick lost against the party. I still have to try it for on a regular day.


I also got two of essence new shades of the Matt Matt Matt lipstick collection. I got the shades 13 and 14. So far I haven’t tried them but they are definitely quiet matte.

I think this lipstick by catrice is also recently launched but I’m not sure. I bought the color 050 Taupeless in Love. I absolutely love the color and I have already worn it a couple of times and I do like it so far. It’s not the most long wearing lipstick I’ve ever owned but it lasts quiet a while.


And I got more lipsticks. I got three of the new shades of the matte long lasting lipglosses by essence.
I really love ’08 the big chill’ and I wear it quiet often. I was kinda disappointed in ’09 american girl’ because it is really patchy and I don’t know if I can make it work or not but I’ll try. I haven’t tried ’06 it’s a 10!’ yet but the swatch was also kinda patchy but maybe the shade will be more forgiving than american girl.

That’s everything I got for this haul. I hope you enjoyed this post ♥ if you did you may want to like or share this post or subscribe and join our family ♥

Are there any recently launched products I should try? What are your favorite recent launches? Let us know in the comments!

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Lots of Love~♥


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