New Years Resolutions for 2018

Hello Sweeties ♥

Today I’d like to share my new years resolutions with you. This post might give you some inspiration for your own resolutions.
I originally planned on doing “19 before 2019” but the “goals” on the list I made were partially just tasks which were better off on a to do list. I sorted through my “goals” and ended up with 12 goals for 2018. Let’s get into these 12 New Years Resolutions!

1.Workout regularly and get fit.

Sometimes I really enjoy doing a workout here and there but I don’t really do it regularly. I actually really should do it regularly because it helps a lot with preventing my migraine.

2. Do a massive Declutter and minimize my belongings as much as possible

I already decluttered a lot of my things last summer but I’m probably moving sometime next year and I will have definitely less space than I have now. Therefore I decided to get rid of even more of my things. This goal will probably be my summer project again.

3. Reach 400 Twitter Followers

This goal is mainly a way to remember myself to stay active on Twitter. Currently I have around 300 Twitter followers but a lot of people do the ‘follow – unfollow’ game so there’s not a lot of growth lately and I’m also not that active at the moment because I had a lot going on in my life.

4. Reach 200 Blog Subscribers

This is more a wish than an actual goal which would mean a lot to me. But I still put it on my resolutions list because this way I have a motivation to keep up with my uploading schedule.

5. Have a clean Home

This one is really important to me and also the reason for me to do a massive declutter. I just find it to be exhausting to clean a messy home. It’s just way easier to try to keep a clean home clean.

6. Spend less on Makeup

This year I bought A LOT of makeup and slowly my collection is starting to become huge. Therefore I decided I should probably spend less or maybe just invest in more quality products while I empty and declutter products from my current collection.

7. Have a budget and stick with it

I plan on saving a lot of money next year and this just works better with a set budget.

8. Be prepared for my Finals

I’m having to take my Finals in March and I really want to get good grades so I plan on studying a lot.

9. Have a better sleeping schedule

In 2016 my sleeping schedule got messed up really badly due to my birth control pill and since then I’ve been really struggling trying to get back on track with it. I already improved it a lot but it is still not that good and I want to improve it even more.

10. Get and Stay Organized

This year I started decluttering and reorganizing basically everything I own and I’m not quiet happy with it yet and I also still struggle with staying organized. I decided I’ll reorganize again and try to stay organized next year.

11. Go on Vacation

The last time I’ve been on vacation was in 2014 and my boyfriend and I would love to go on vacation next year. I added it to my resolutions so I keep it in mind and safe as much money as possible!

12. Eat Healthier

I personally change my eating habits frequently and sometimes I’ll have a full week of just eating crap. I want to try my best to change that in 2018 because my eating habits have huge impact on my migraine.

These are my goals for 2018. Feel free to share yours in the comments down bellow ♥
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Lots of Love~♥

3 responses to “New Years Resolutions for 2018

  1. A Lot of these goals are very similar to mine! But my biggie is trying to save next year! Great goals tho! And 200 subscribers? You’ll get there in NO time! Your blog is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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