5 More best affordable Lipstick for Winter

Hello Sweeties ♥

Welcome back to part two of my favorite affordable lipsticks this winter. This time I tried to include more red lipsticks since the cold season is the perfect opportunity to wear red lipsticks. I again included a swatch and pictures of the lipstick applied to my lips and the lipstick blotted. Let’s get into this post.

I got this lipstick by MYS in the shade 111 from AliExpress a while ago. It is a nice terracotta shade which looks less pink in real life. It has a really nice soft formula and glides on to the lips really easily. I would definitely recommend checking out the MYS matte lipsticks because they are really great for the price but the formula is not consistent in the different shades but the four shades I got all apply really smoothly.


And of course I could do a best winter lipsticks post without including a true red one. I don’t wear red lipstick often because I feel like it doesn’t really suit me but this all in one lipstick by Manhattan in the shade 660 bite my lips is amazing for the price and I do wear it from time to time. It is not the softest lipstick I’ve ever tried but it still has a nice formula that glides on really nicely and I never noticed it applying patchy or anything like that.


I only got this lipstick in I think November or October but I love it so much. The shade it an brownish purple/mauve which in my opinion is a really unique shade especially for a drugstore lipstick. This is one of Catrice’s ultimate matte lipsticks in the shade 050 Taupeless in love and I think this is probably one of my absolute favorite lipsticks.
I definitely think that Catrice did a great job on the formula of their matte lipsticks which is gliding on to the lips so nicely.


This beautiful deep burgundy lipstick is from the matt matt matt collection by essence in the shade 08 it’s a statement. This one is a little bit of harder formula then the three lipsticks I mentioned before but it still glides on the lips really easily. I never noticed any bleeding on the edges which is great since I rarely use lipliners before applying lipstick even if it’s a dark one like this. It actually looks a little bit patchy in the photo but you can’t tell in real life and you also can’t tell on pictures that are not that close up.


The last lipstick I’d like to share with you is one of the super stay 24h lipsticks by Maybelline in 585 Burgundy Bordeaux Infini. The swatch turned out pretty patchy but that’s not the products fault. I just ran out of the lipstick and applied the lip swatch with the last bit of product I could get out. By that you can probably already tell that I really love this lipstick.

It is really long lasting as long as you don’t eat anything oily. And as you can see you can get it to be not completely matte but more on the matte side. Most of the 24h lipsticks have shimmer in them anyway so you probably can’t get any of them completely matte.

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What’s your favorite lipstick this winter? and have you tried any of my favorite lipsticks? What’s your opinion on them?

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