Empties and Decluttered with Reviews #4

Hello Sweeties ♥

Welcome back to another empties and decluttered! As usual I’ll start with an quick overview and then say a little bit about every product I used up or decluttered! So let’s get into this post!

The first two things I emptied are a face serum and a face essence.

I got the wonder essence either from AliExpress or eBay and had no high hopes for it. It had a liquid but still kinda gel like consistency. I used it every day in the evening and sometimes in the morning on no makeup days. It did an okay job. It wasn’t the most hydrating face product I’ve ever used but it also wasn’t the worst and at least it didn’t break my skin out which is a plus. After all I won’t repurchase it because I like to use products which really moisturize my skin.

The age performance intense serum by rival de loop did a bit better than the wonder oil but not a lot even though it’s meant to be anti wrinkle which usually means that the products are more rich and better at providing moisture however that wasn’t really the case for this serum. I think I’ll repurchase it at times I don’t really have the money for my usual face oil because after all I’m not to disappointed and I think it will be alright in the summer.


I also emptied some baby powder. I use this as dry shampoo because I find it to be less drying on my scalp than usual dry shampoo. This is not the brand I usually buy and I probably won’t buy this specific one again because it had a weird chalky feeling to it but I will repurchase the baby powder I usually use which is actually I think twice the price this one was but it’s worth the better feeling.


I’m also getting rid of these contact lenses because I basically have to. These lenses are yearly lenses and I own them way longer than a year so it’s time to say good bye. I don’t now if you can really tell but these are green and pink circle lenses which I got from eBay for around 12 euros and I have to say they were quiet nice for the price. I can’t really say a lot about them because these were the first circle lenses I ever owned. They are kinda flimsy which made it kinda hard to get them in the eye but this may be because I never wore contact lenses before. Also they didn’t irritate my eyes which was a huge concern of mine because they were from eBay.


Let’s start with the eyebrow pomade by FREEDOM which I got in auburn. I couldn’t really test this product because I got a shade that is way to orange for my skin and hair color. I can’t tell if I liked it or not because as I said I didn’t really used it due to the color. I probably won’t buy another one in a different shade because I’d have to order online and probably would choose a wrong shade again and I don’t want to risk it. If you ever tried the brow pomade by freedom please tell use how you felt about it!

Then I decluttered that white eyeliner pencil which is actually black but the packaging is white. I got this one from AliExpress and I don’t now why I got a pencil eyeliner in the first place because I have some from the drugstore and I never use them. I also found this one to be really smudgy.

The last two things from the picture above are two eyeshadow pencils which are both blue. I never ever wear anything blue on my eyes because I just don’t feel like I can pull it off in combination with my blue eyes, fair skin and deep pink/purplish hair. I honestly don’t now why I still buy and try to use blue eye products.

However the one by rival de loop was also kinda hard and you had to really drag it across your eyelid. The one by essence is actually no longer available in this particular shade but I have one of their eyeshadow pencils in another shade and I really like it. It is really easy to apply and really creamy and I don’t really noticed any smudging of the shadow.


I have a whole post dedicated to this pro lipstick kit by freedom in bare collection and they are just not my cup of tea.

I don’t like the shades and I don’t really feel the formula. I just prefer my lipsticks to be more on the matte side. I still do think that these lipsticks could be really nice if you’re more into natural makeup looks and light not to obvious lipsticks.


I decluttered two lipsticks from AliExpress. I mainly decluttered these because I didn’t like the colors at all.

The first one is a colourpop lippie stix fake. I unfortunately got send the wrong shade and ended up with a bright pinkish red instead of a nude lipstick. This is absolutely not my color so I decided to give it to a friend. I also got another shade which I like a lot more and even though it’s a fake it’s not that bad and I like it but it’s noway near the original lippie stix.

The second lipstick I got rid of is the romantic bear liquid lipstick in bleached. Again I mainly decluttered this one because of the shade which is way more peachy than I’d like it to be. I’m also not a huge fan of the formula which is quiet drying and also looks really matte and dry. Since I took the photos for this post I also decluttered all other romantic bear liquid lipsticks I owned because I never reached for them because of the formula.


These super shock eyeshadows by colourpop are fake ones I got from AliExpress. I was really disappointed in the dark one because it came out more as a bright pink/burgundy shade which I didn’t like. I liked the champagne shade but I never really reached for it because I’m not really a fan of the cream consistency.


I also got rid of a bunch of sponge applicators. I mainly decluttered these because they are really old. I already bought a package of new ones by essence because I sometimes use them to apply shimmer shadows to my eyelid because I feel like I’m having less fallout with these.


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