My Summer Bucket List 2018

Hello Sweeties ♥

It’s been quiet a long time since I last posted something on my blog and I’m really sorry about that but basically life happened and I couldn’t make the time to really work on anything regarding my blog. But now I’m back and I’ll try my best to keep up with my blog schedule which I’m still reworking but hopefully I can come back to posting Thursdays and Sundays.

Today I’d like to share my own summer bucket list with you. I tried to keep it quiet short because I also have a summer to do list I have to work on within the next few months so I wont have a lot of time for any outrageous summer activities.There will also be another post within the nest days with more ideas of things to do in the summer, so stay tuned for that. Let’s get into my short but sweet summer bucket list.

1.Illustrate photos from my own Instagram and Tumblr feeds

A few days ago I,, when I was planing my room decor and just displayed one of my art projects from school, I had the idea to try and create some more art for my room decor.  Trying to find inspiration for nice motive ideas I realized I could just use my own Instagram feed as an inspiration. This way my art won’t only fit my room decor but also kind of represent my personality to some extend.

2. Get at least one Henna Tattoo

I already got a henna tattoo last year and the year before and really enjoyed creating and wearing them. Therefore, I’d really like to keep up with the “tradition” and have another one this year.

3. Have a Cocktail Party

I love mixing my own cocktails because you can really personalize them. I also created my own cocktail recipe two years ago and I’d love to try to create another one. I’ll also invite some friends to come over for this one because who doesn’t like to have some company when doing things like that and also who wouldn’t enjoy a ice cold cocktail when it’s f#ing hot outside.

4. Try some Pinterest Home Decor DIYs

I already had this one last years Summer Bucket list but because I was really busy I couldn’t really do any DIYs. Hopefully I will this year. Also I’m kinda glad that I didn’t got around to it last year because I got a flatmate and completely changed my room decor in the same run because I had to empty my office for my flatmate to move in. SO everything I would have done last year probably wouldn’t match my new room decor (let me know if you’d like to have a room tour once I’m finished setting my room up).

5. Try some new cute and easy Hairstyles

I’m all about easy hairstyles and most often will wear my hair just open because I’m lazy af when it comes to doing my hair. This summer I want to try out some cute hairstyles to find some I could do really fast when I want to feel put together but still am kinda lazy about it haha.

6. Have a fun Photoshoot

I haven’t really gone out just to take some cute photos in a reaaaallly long time and I’D like to change that so I’ll have some new photos to post on Instagram and also to use them on my blog.

7. Practice Yoga a lot

Lately I’ve been really liking to do yoga and I’d like to try to improve this summer because maann I’m not flexible at all and I’m not happy about that fact. Also since I started going to gym at the beginning at the year I really learned to enjoy being active and I’d like to add Yoga to my routine.

8. Eat loads of Fruits

i don’t think i have to say much about this one. Summer is just the season with the freshest local fruits at affordable prices and I want to use this fact as much as I can because fruits are great snacks especially when it’s hot outside.


This is my short sweet Summer Bucket list. Which fun activities do you have on your Summer bucket list for this year? I’d really like to know! Feel free to leave a comment down bellow so we can help each other to find more things to put on our own bucket lists!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, if you did you might like to like and/or share this post and if you’re not already subscribed to my blog you may like to do that and join our family ♥ See you in my next post ♥

Lots of Love~♥


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