Cheap things to try this Summer

Hello Sweeties ♥

Today I have another Summer themed post for you. I collected some ideas of affordable things you could do in the Summer when I worked on my own Summer Bucket list (feel free to check it out if you want more inspiration) and decided I could share them with you so you might get a few new ideas of things you could do this Summer. If you’ve read my bucket list post you may already know one or two things from this list but I hope you don’t mind.

13 fun things to do this summer!

Let’s get into this post.

1.Try DIYs found on Pinterest or Youtube

Just finally try the DIY you’ve wanted to do for so long but never came around to. There are so many great and cheap DIYs out there and I bet there’s at least one you would love to try. I personally have a short list of DIYs I still want to try and maybe I’ll do some this Summer.

2. Try new Cocktail recipes

Meet up with your friends and just try to recreate some more or less fancy cocktails! Or get creative and try to mix a cocktail without a recipe! Great thing here is that if you all pay together you’ll probably only have to spend around 5 bucks or something!

3.  Go out and enjoy your town

This one sounds kinda boring, I know. But if you spend the entire day inside you probably will get bored at some point (or not if you’re somewhat like me haha) and if this should happen just explore some area of your town or just visit your favorite spot if you live in a town where you can’t really explore any further.

If you’re into drawing you can also grab some drawing utensils and try to capture your towns vibes.

4. Have a Photoshoot

This one’s kinda basic as well but I still wanted to include it. Maybe you already plan on doing this but have you considered trying something completely new like dressing up as some mythical creature and taking pictures in the park or next to a rive? Try to find a theme you haven’t had before and get creative (Instagram could be really helpful). Or even just try to recreate your favorite photos from other people and take your own twist on it.

5. Try Festival Make Up

Festival makeup is not only for people who actually go to visit festivals. Everyone can do them and even if you just do them to take some cute selfies. I personally don’t plan on visiting any festivals this year but I definitely will try to crate some festival make up looks.

6. Try to make Lemonade

I know making lemonade yourself is a huge thing in certain parts of the world but in Germany for example no one really does this (at least I don’t know anyone who ever did it) and I think is a great thing to consider doing.

7. Read that book you’ve procrastinated to read for so long even though you’re actually interested in it.

If you’re not really into reading and there’s a book your really interested in you may want to read it in the summer especially if you’re still a student and are on your summer break. Because let’s be honest if you cant make the time while having to go to school and having to study there’s no better time than your summer break when you feel less stressed about your life.

8. Change your room decor

Again if you are student summer is the time to tackle projects you wouldn’t have time for while going to school. You may want to use your spare time to rearrange your room or just change some parts of your decor or even get crafty and create for example some art that you could display in your room.

9. Illustrate your Instagram feed – or someones who inspires you

A few weeks ago I really struggled to find ideas for new art work to create and then I had the idea to simply take pictures that I like from my own Instagram and try to recreate them with maybe acrylic paint and maybe also put a twist on it. I think this is a really great thing because it’s definitely less weird than just taking Instagram pictures, print them and hang them on your wall haha.

10. Take a free online course

A great use of spare time is working on improving your skills. Just look up some free online courses or even just informational blog post about a topic you’re passionate about. For example the are a lot of great post about improving your photography skills or sewing skills or your writing skills. The list is basically endless and I’m sure there will be at least one that will be perfect for you!

11. Try some cheap beauty DIYs

Just finally try one of those beauty DIYs you’ve been skeptical about for soo long and see if it’s good or not.

Last summer (and the summer before) I spend some time creating some more or less affordable (depends on what you want to work with) DIY liquid lipsticks. I think this was a great use of the time I didn’t know what to do with and I even created some shades I get complimented on when ever I use them. Let me know if you’d like to see a post about my favorite liquid lipstick DIY.

12. Upcycle your old/ unworn clothing

There are so many great DIYs on upcycling old clothes now days. So why not get some use of unworn things and create something you’d use more often then the original thing.

13. Do whatever you want!

And last but not least, do what ever you want. Don’t feel pressured to have a “super exciting” summer. If your ideal summer is staying inside playing some online game, you do you. Do what ever makes you happy. You really shouldn’t feel pressured to do something you don’t really want to do just because it’s considered to be something people do to be happy.


I hope you enjoyed this post ♥ What are your plans for this Summer? Let us know in the comments!♥

Maybe you’d also like to read some of my other posts like my own Summer Bucket list or the Beauty Scenario TAG I’ve posted a while ago. See you in my next post.

Lots of Love~♥

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