Empties and Decluttered with Reviews #5

Hello Sweeties ♥

welcome back to another empties and decluttered! Let’s start with an overview and then I’ll get into a little bit more detail about why I decluttered each item.


As always I decluttered a variety of different things and different categories.

These are my actual empties. As always there aren’t that many products since I declutter way more often than I can empty anything.

First I emptied a facial cleansing gel for normal and combination skin. This cleanser was alright but it got discontinued so I have to find another product which isn’t drying on the skin. If you have any recommendation please let me know!

Another skin care product I emptied is a night cream by balea in a travel size which  was about alright but I don’t think I’ll rebuy it because it’s a little bit to thick for my liking.

And then I ’emptied’ most shades of a cheap shimmer eye shadow palette I owned for years. I haven’t really used these shadows on my eyes but rather to try some makeup DIYs. I didn’t really enjoy these eyeshadows as actual eyeshadows.


Then I decluttered three makeup brushes which I never really used.
A lip brush which isn’t the best I own so I decided I’d rather use the other once I own and this one doesn’t have to be in my collection any longer.
A powder brush by rival de loop young which I just don’t use and I actually forgot I owned it.
And last the Real Techniques foundation brush which I personally don’t like. I always felt like my foundation came out really patchy when I used this brush.


I also decluttered two palettes.

The first one is the Candy Collection eyeshadow palette by Sleek, which I got ages ago when I was about 15. Since I own this palette for so long (about 6 years) and never really reach for it because I don’t really use shades like this, I finally decided to declutter this palette.

The second palette is a ‘contour’ palette from AliExpress which is horrible. The contour shades are really warm and not really pigmented. I just never reached for this palette since I own better products. I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying this palette. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the brand.


Ok, now things get really random.

I decluttered a Revolution Duo Face Sculpt Compact because again it’s a product I never reach for. I got it from the storage chest my boyfriend got me for Christmas in 2016 and obviously haven’t used it a lot. The highlighter powder is just kinda dark on my and more a regular face powder than a highlighting powder and the contour/bronzer shade, I don’t know I just never liked to use it since it’s to warm to use for contouring and doesn’t really makes any difference when I tried using it as a bronzer and I feel like for me it is also to warm or rather orange on my complexion to use as bronzer.

Again a product I got when I was around 15 and really into visual kei makeup. A black eyeshadow by max factor. This was the second black eyeshadow I got at the time because I emptied the one I used before… gladly I haven’t been going through my emo make up phase for long after I got this eyeshadow. I started going for more natural make up and therefore never really used black. Since this eyeshadow is ruffly 6 years old and I decided to finally throw it away. And if I’ll ever need a black eyeshadow I definitely have one in one of my palettes.

I ordered 3 shades of the popfeel full cover concealer because I wanted to use it for cream contour and highlight. Let me tell you. This concealer is horrible. It has a really thick oily consistency with barely any coverage and also settles into any fine lines and wrinkles you didn’t even knew you had even when you try to set it with powder really fast. Definitely not worth the struggle trying to get it to work so they have to go. Also the darker shade didn’t work as a cream contour since it got really patchy trying to blend it out.

The liquid lipstick I got rid of is by bud k, which I got from AliExpress. This shade in particular applies really patchy and is also ridiculously sticky. I tried it twice and never even wore it out because the result was just horrendous.


The last three products decluttered are all from AliExpress.

The first one is obviously a Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade fake which is just the wrong shade for me since I dye my hair in pinkish colors and need something that’s cool toned.

The other two products are mascaras which I ordered when I back when I wasn’t really aware that you should be a little bit more cautious with the products you use around your eyes. I just don’t feel comfortable using a mascara from AliExpress so I got rid of these two.


I hope this post was somewhat helpful to you! Feel free to share your experiences if you have tried and of these products! Also let me know if there are any posts you’d like me to write. Maybe you’d also enjoy reading some of my other posts like my last empties and decluttered post or my highlighter collection post and gurl let me tell you I own way to many for a regular human being.


Lots of Love~ ♥
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