Ebay/AliExpress Haul #2

Hello Sweeties ♥

Welcome back to my second Ebay and AliExpress Haul! This post includes Affiliate links but this does not influence my opinion on any product!

When I posted my first Ebay and AliExpress Haul it looked like a lot of you enjoyed it, therefore I decided to post another Ebay and AliExpress Haul! There will probably be a third and a fourth haul soon! Let me know if you want to see Haul post more or less often! Also Leave a comment and let me know if you’d like me to post my best tips & tricks for shopping on AliExpress!

Also I wanted to mention that there will be a bunch of reviews on the products I include in my Hauls, but I will never post a review on a fake product because all fakes are different and I know if you’ll get the same as I did.  I will leave a direct link to the fakes I got and add my opinion in my Haul. If the product isn’t available anymore I won’t add a new link because as I already said I don’t know if the new link would be the exact same quality as the one I got!

If you still have any questions at the end of this post feel free to ask in the comments down bellow and I will try to answer all your questions!

I think that was all I had to say. Lets get into the Haul!

I actually went a little bit crazy but I tried to keep this Haul quiet short. So there will definitely be a third haul soon.

Here’s everything I got!

First of all I got some pencil cases/cosmetic bags because I’d like to add one to each giveaway I’m planning to host!

Both are nice quality and I would definitely recommend them. But I have to say that the light blue one I got is really sensitive to bend marks. The one I got is in pretty good shape but I also ordered a smaller version which came with some visible bends in the filling material. I hope you understood what I mean.

For the other pencil case I noticed that the print on the two I got are different colors. Besides that they are really nice quality!

I also decided to buy some masks. I managed to try all three of them and non of them is a total disaster. I already posted a review on the lip mask! I will definitely also post a review for the black head pore mask/strip and the eye mask.

I decided to also get a travel contact lens case because I got a pair of circle lenses last year and thought I might need a on the go case if I decide to take them out during the day. I unfortunately can’t insert a link because this case is no longer available.

I’m not that much into lip tints but this one has such a fancy packaging that I couldn’t resist. I haven’t really tried it yet. but there will definitely be a review or at least a first impression.

I actually planned to do a full face only using products form Ebay/AliExpress so I needed to get a concealer. I have to admit that this one is so bad I’m not willing to provide a link to this concealer. It has little to no coverage and it creases almost immediately.

And last but not least I also got a bb cream. I decided to get this one for two reasons, it is the lightest color and it is the only one with oil control (which is important for me because I have really oily skin). I have tried it once yet but I will definitely go more into depth with this product and post a review soon!

I hope you liked this post! If you did you should definitely check out my last Ebay and AliExpress Haul!

Do you have any questions! Feel free to ask! What’s the best cheap product you ever got from AliExpress or Ebay? Let me know!! Also don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not already part of the family! See you next time!

Lots of Love~♥
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