Empties and Decluttered with Reviews #2

Hello Sweeties ♥

I recently started my empties and decluttered series where I share products I ether emptied or decluttered and let you know my opinion on them. Maybe you’d also like checkout my first empties and decluttered post? Anyways. Let’s get into the products of this post!


Let’s start with my empties. I tried this two samples by Olaz (you probably know it as Olay).
I don’t really know how two feel about the Day Cream since I could only use it twice but I definitely won’t buy it since I’m not really willing to spend a lot on skin care products.
The tube is an night-essence. For this one I got more than one sample and found it to be a nice addition to my skin care routine but I’m pretty sure I won’t buy the full size because again I’m not willing to spend the money on it but I will definitely try other essences ones I run out of samples.


I got rid of this lash curler because I never really used it. I like the idea that this way you’d have a eyelash curler that doesn’t have to have a specific curve to fit your lash line. But I never really reached for it so no need to keep something I won’t use.


I finally decluttered my false lashes and got rid of this ones. I once got them when I ordered a set of different lashes but I never liked them. I only kept them because I thought that they may come in handy some day but after three years chance are I really won’t need them so I will give them to friends who might like them.


So I haven’t really decluttered the whole palette but I have depoted all shadows and only kept the ones I needed. In my first empties and decluttered post I already shared the lightly toasted palette by W7 which continued all eyeshadows I decluttered. When I shared the last post I still waited for my magnetic palette to arrive. Now that I have my magnetic palette I finally could empty and throw away the in the buff and in the nude palettes.


If you’ve read my London Haul post you already know that I bought this palettes in London last year. I mainly bought them because I wanted to try the brand ‘Collection’ since it’s not available in Germany. The shadows are not bad but I really didn’t need all colors. Especially the gray ones because I never really use gray eyeshadows. I really don’t know why I got the gray one so it got a new home.


I just quickly wanted to show you my magnetic palette which is definitely more handy to me than the palettes since I use them in combination most of the time.


I bought these two eyeshadows on AliExpress because I liked the fact that they were supposed to be shimmery and I thought I might could them use as highlighters. When I got them I realized that they had only a glitter coat on top and the shadows were not that glittery. Also the purple on is WAY darker than I expected it to be.


I really love these cream eyeshadows. They dry down and even on my really oily skin they don’t really move once they are dry. I haven’t decided to declutter them because I don’t like them but because I owned them already for a good it think 2 years. It’s probably not that safe to use them on the eyes after such a long time. I just got some cream eyeshadows by essence which just got discontinued because they were discounted. But I will probably rebuy the ones by Manhattan once I empty or declutter the ones by essence.


The last two things I decluttered are an eyeliner by Manhattan and a mascara I bought from a local grocery store.
I like the eyeliner a lot but I own it for already, I don’t even know how long, that’s never a good sign haha. But I mainly decluttered it because at prom night I forgot to put the lid back on after doing my makeup and it dried up. I already got a new one to use.
The mascara is another story. I always go for waterproof mascaras since they usually last longer on my oily skin and sometimes watery eyes. But this mascara is really wet and basically feels wet the whole day also it transferes really badly.

I hope you enjoyed this post ♥ Let me know if you enjoy these kind of posts! I post them whenever I decluttered and emptied enough products to write a post about them so the frequency will vary.
Maybe you’d also like to read my first empties and decluttered post or see my best cheap highlighters for pale skin. See you soon ♥

Lots of Love~♥
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